2016-17 Representative Teams

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Senior A Jason O’Brien 647.290.0027 Standings
Intermediate AA Brittany Metcalfe 416.389.0886 Standings
Intermediate A Jason O’Brien 647.290.0027 Standings
Midget AA Tom Sadler 905.703.0368 Standings
Midget A Wayne Hunter 416.919.1856 Standings
Midget A Gary Longstreet 905.872.3366 Standings
Bantam AA Shane Whetstone 416.999.4251 Standings
Bantam A Dave Morrison
Al Britton
Bantam BB Paul Koehn 416.435.7285 Standings
Peewee AA Jody Hicks 416.524.5716 Standings
Peewee A Brian Edwards 416.407.3081 Standings
Peewee B Tom Sullivan 905.846.6989 Standings
Atom A Mike Montgomery 905.965.6863 Standings
Atom BB Jody Hicks 416.524.5716 Standings
Novice B Glen Napier
Cheryl Pounder
905.677.7995 Standings

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